a virtual prerecorded dance workshop for deepening self-intimacy and sensual embodiment

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This 5-part virtual workshop is an experiential unfolding that invites folx to (re)build a consensual, sovereign and pleasure-forward relationship with Self through sensual dance.


inpleasure is not your average dance class.

This experience is facilitated through a collection of prompts that invite you to explore the brilliant sensual nature + somatic intelligence that already exists within you - through dance.


This workshop is for you if:

You are 18+ years old and any of the following apply...

You are desiring to (re)connect with your sensual body but feel stuck because of body shame.

You want to practice embodying liberation through dance.

You’ve never taken a dance class and you want to try sensually moving your body in the comfort of your own home.

You are an experienced dancer and want to expand into new territory with your movement.

You are looking for a trauma-informed, pleasure-centered dance class that is less about technique and more about feeling yummy in your own body.

You want to learn some sexy lap dance and/or floorwork moves.

You are LGBTQ+ and/or BIPOC and you are seeking a dance workshop that centers and affirms your existence.

You just want to have some fun getting intimate with yourself!

you will gain immediate access to the curriculum right after you make your purchase!

this investment is nonrefundable.



Closed captioning and alt text will be provided.

Open to folx of all races, abilities, genders and sexual orientations.

This course is self-guided on purpose - allowing you to move at the pace of your own body without the stress of time restrictions. This online portal will provide you with a container to detangle yourself from the urgency of capitalism, so that you can find the deep, yummy pleasure that blossoms through intentional slowness. The content is approximately 5 hours total.



Part 1: Nervous System Nourishment

Part 2: Radical Body Acceptance

Part 3: Sensual Embodiment + Pleasure

Part 4: Inviting Your Erotic Self Forward

Part 5: After-care

Optional mini dance lessons:

  • Tracing exercise
  • Floorwork tips
  • Lap dance + solo chair dance moves


I want to gently guide you towards liberation.

I want to remind you that if you have a body, you are a dancer.

I want to facilitate your innate ability to heal and tell personal stories through movement.

With all the chronic stress and ungroundedness in the world around you, I want dance to be a way that you get to unwind, play, discover and land back into your embodied pleasure.

Your Instructor

Che Che Luna
Che Che Luna

Che Che Luna (they/them) - pronounced “chay chay loo-nah” - is a holistic trauma-informed sex + pleasure educator that guides LGBTQIA+ folx back home to their bodies and personal liberation. Che Che is a queer, nonbinary, latinx currently located on unceded Clackamas + Cowlitz land. They are a dancer who finds great joy in embodying sensuality and creating spaces for others to do the same. Luna centers support for underrepresented and marginalized beings who desire to dismantle limiting beliefs they carry about their sexuality and pleasure, so that they can move towards fulfilling intimacy and radical self-affirming freedom.


"This experience changed me, grew me. It brought me further along the sacred journey of reclaiming and redefining who I am. Che Che, thank you for holding such a big mirror with an open heart full of gold. The work you show up for and help facilitate is holy. Eternally grateful."

- Carriese Broussard

Course Curriculum

Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll


"If you get the opportunity to be a part of Che Che's workshop, there is nothing I can recommend higher as a gift of self love."

- Carli Jones

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have access to the course materials?
This self-guided workshop allows you to move at the pace of your own body, without the stress of time restrictions. You will have access to this content for as long as this course is alive in the online ethers!
What sort of ballpark time investment would you say this requires?
Each part is between 30-60 minutes long, and there are 5 parts total.
If I have experienced sexual trauma, is this a good fit for me?
All of my work is trauma-informed. Trauma-informed care is based in the five guiding principles which are: safety, choice, collaboration, trustworthiness and empowerment. Ensuring that the physical, mental, emotional and energetic safety of an individual is of number one importance. My education work is geared towards trans + non-binary folx and femmes who are desiring to rebuild consensual relationships with self + others. I hold a gentle, loving and empathic space for my clients to feel heard, witnessed and celebrated. With that being said - and because this workshop is pre-recorded and not live - if you are moving through fresh trauma, I do encourage you to simultaneously see a therapist as you navigate this material. I also want to share that the first part of this workshop is focused on nervous system education and offers resources for self-regulation, yay!
What if I feel scared to say yes to this?
It’s totally normal to feel scared! Remember that you can be safe AND uncomfortable at the same time! If there is something pulling you to this experience, I believe that it is because your somatic intelligence knows that it will be of invaluable impact. My invitation for you is to make some space for clarity so you can really listen to your body and discern what you are feeling. It's okay not to feel a "big full YES", and instead be feeling a "YES, AND I'm also (anxious, apprehensive, tired, fill in the blank here)". If you can identify even a soft yes in your body, then I invite you to lean in and see what is on the other side of your fear. I am committed to holding a space that makes you feel deeply held and supported.
What do you want to empower people to do/be/feel?
I want to empower people to DO what makes them feel most pleasure-centered. I want to empower people to BE unapologetic in exactly who they are. I want to empower people to FEEL safe in their bodies, confident in their erotic power, and radically in love with themselves.
Pleasure is as psychological as it is physical. Is this course holistic in that way?
Ohhh yeah. As a holistic sex educator, I believe it is essential to combine the emotional, physical, intellectual, spiritual and ecological parts of each person in their pleasure healing. And that it’s also necessary to address the colonial white supremist patriarchal culture, and the ways this impacts marginalized folx in accessing pleasure and safety in their bodies.
Does this offering apply to people on the asexual spectrum?
100% YES. I believe it is very important to discern that erotic energy is not always sexual. This offering is an invitation for people of all orientations to embody their erotic + sensual energy in whatever form that wants to take - sexual or not.
How much floor space do we need for this?
All the dance prompts given throughout this workshop can be done in any amount of space you have accessible. When I moved through the workshop on my own, I was on a living room rug that was about 5x5 feet and that felt great. :)

"I'm blown away with the space Che Che creates for folx to move so freely; the way they create a container so safe for authentic sensual expression and the release of guilt, shame, and insecurities is unwavering and so deeply profound. As someone who has struggled with chronic anxiety, depression and a life-time of guilt, shame, and self-doubt, I can honestly attest to how freeing it feels to be able to express such genuine movements -- movements that are typically frowned upon and hold such a negative stigma by society. To be guided by Che Che in dismantling internalized systems of oppression and remembering the sensual parts of myself has been so important in my journey back home, and I am eternally grateful for this offering.

If you have a single desire within your soul to experience the expansion of your sensual self, I highly advise you take Che Che's workshop."

- Ashley Wright


In an erotophobic world that tells you to be small and complacent over and over again, I want to be a loving force that gets to facilitate your vast sensual expansion.

Though it may currently feel impossible to move through the shame you feel inside, I need you to know, that shame is not yours. It never was.

It’s time to get intimate with your erotic power and reconnect to your body.


photos by Willie Jane, Emma Wondra & Michelle Lepe

collages by Skylark Macadamia