Dance as Gender Expansion

a live online experiential movement class for finding your embodied euphoria


This 3 hour virtual class is an improvisational experience that invites folks of any gender identity to decolonize their bodymindspirit and unlearn gender oppression through sensual dance.

This class will be held live on zoom on



I am still very much unpacking the harm and trauma that has come from living in this world as a queer, trans person. The critical and judgmental gazes, the transphobia, the homophobia, the whorephobia, the fetishization, the many -isms and -phobias that impact my day to day. The societal narratives that say “be good, fit in, get smaller, shut up, dim your light, repress your truth, be normal” have really fucked with me and my nervous system.

The hopeful news is, we can relearn how to feel euphoric, affirmed and shameless in our gender, in our bodies, in our sensational existence. We can (re)claim and own the freedom we deserve. And we can remember the erotic and ancestral embodiment that’s imprinted into our somas.

I want to help you detangle from limiting beliefs that are keeping you disconnected and dissociated from the ancient power source that is innately within you.

This class will invite you to step into vulnerable places of messiness, of imperfection, of not having it all figured out. This shared humanity is nutrients, and I believe we need more of it in our lives to keep moving towards collective liberation and gender justice.


This course is for you if:

You are 18+ years old and any of the following apply...

  • You feel exhausted by the constraints, limitations and harm of traditional gender roles and the gender binary
  • You are on a confusing gender journey that feels steeped in shame and should’s and you want to liberate yourself from culture's oppressive scripts
  • You’re wanting a space to experiment with gender identity through movement
  • You’re desiring the euphoria that can come from your inner gender identity matching your outer gender expression
  • You’ve never taken a dance class and you want to try sensually moving your body in the comfort of your own home - and - with the support of community
  • You are an experienced dancer that needs a break from highly competitive + binary spaces - and - you want a supportive, gentle container that encourages deeper embodiment, feeling and autonomy
  • You are looking for a trauma-informed, pleasure-centered dance class that is less about technique and more about feeling at home in your own body
  • You are LGBTQ+ and/or BIPOC and you are seeking a dance class that centers and affirms your existence
  • You are seeking novel, creative ways to engage with your bodymindspirit
  • You are curious and open to the healing + transformation that body-based/somatic practices and intuitive movement can elicit
  • You just want to play + feel yummy in your own brilliance!


"This experience changed me, grew me. It brought me further along the sacred journey of reclaiming and redefining who I am. Che Che, thank you for holding such a big mirror with an open heart full of gold. The work you show up for and help facilitate is holy. Eternally grateful."

- Carriese Broussard



Closed captioning will be provided.

Open to all genders, races, abilities and sexual orientations.

if you cannot afford this offering, please email [email protected] to see if there are scholarship spots open.

please know that there is only a limited number of scholarship spots available.

*enrollment closes Jan 8th at 12:59pm PST, 2022


Community Building:

Since collective liberation requires interdependence, when you sign up for this course, you will gain access to a private online community space via the Geneva app where you get to share your experiences, expression, breakthroughs, questions, writings, videos, selfies and embodied pleasureful moments.

You will also get to build community with others though the live class that will be held via Zoom.


This course is not for you if:

  • You are under 18 years old
  • Body-based/somatic practices feel too triggering for you
  • You are seeking a class that is focused on building dance technique. This course centers the ways your body wants to organically move over learning any specific style or genre
  • You are not interested in a holistic learning approach (which in this class includes intersections of emotional awareness, play, self-reflection through journaling, generative somatics, embodied metaphors, imagination, dance and gender education)
  • You are wanting a small, intimate class. I intend for this workshop to be 50 plus people gathering together on zoom

Your Instructor

Che Che Luna
Che Che Luna

Hello + welcome! I'm Che Che Luna (pronounced “chay chay loo-nah”). My pronouns are they/them. I am a holistic, trauma-informed sex + pleasure educator, activist, dancer and sensual embodiment facilitator. I am also queer, trans, non-monogamous and Latinx, and in the life-long process of examining the ways in which these identities of mine weave together to inform my work. Through my offerings, I aim to bridge the gaps in pleasure accessibility so that marginalized and historically oppressed folks can (re)build consensual, sovereign and affirming relationships with Self + others.


"If you get the opportunity to be a part of Che Che's workshop, there is nothing I can recommend higher as a gift of self love."

- Carli Jones

Frequently Asked Questions

If I have experienced sexual trauma, is this a good fit for me?
It depends. To start, all of my work is trauma-informed. Trauma-informed care is based in the five guiding principles which are: safety, choice, collaboration, trustworthiness and empowerment. Ensuring that the physical, mental, emotional and energetic safety of an individual is of number one importance. With that being said, if you are moving through fresh trauma, I encourage you to sign up only if you are simultaneously seeing a therapist and/or you feel a clear inner yes to diving into body-based practices right now.
What if I feel scared to say yes to this?
It’s totally normal to feel scared! Remember that you can be safe AND uncomfortable at the same time! If there is something pulling you to this experience, I believe that it is because a part of you knows that it will be of valuable impact. BUT/AND ALSO, my invitation for you is to make some space for clarity so you can really listen to your body and discern what you are feeling. It’s okay not to feel a “big full YES”, and instead be feeling a “YES, AND… I’m also (anxious, apprehensive, tired, fill in the blank here)”. If you can identify an autonomous yes in your bodymindspirit, then I invite you to lean in and see what is on the other side of your fear.
Is this purchase refundable?
No, this purchase is non-refundable. Please make sure you can be present for the date/time you sign up for - Jan 8th, 2022 from 1-4pm PST.
Will this course be recorded if I can’t make it?
No. For confidentiality purposes, this course will not be recorded. Please make sure you can make it to the live zoom date/time you're signing up for - Jan 8th, 2022 from 1-4pm PST.
I would like to pay for someone else’s education who has financial barriers. How do I do that?
That’s amazing! Thank you for your generosity. You can paypal to [email protected] with the note “Dance as Gender Expansion Community Support” and I will make sure it goes to folx who need it!
I am wondering if during the workshop you are requesting that cameras stay on or may I keep mine off?
You are absolutely welcome to keep your camera off for the entirety of the workshop if that is what makes you feel the most safe and able to access embodiment! Since I know that turning camera's on will be really edgy for a lot of people, there will be points in which I will have ya'll check in with yourself and your bodies to see if you have capacity to experiment with the vulnerability of turning your camera on, even if just for a moment. With all that being said, I want to reiterate that I'm gonna celebrate the heck out of you taking care of yourself, whether that means your camera is off or on!
How will this class be inclusive of all bodies and abilities?
This class is improvisation-based on purpose. Giving you space to explore the ways your unique body wants to organically move. In other words, this is not a technical dance class where you learn how to move in any specific style or genre. Instead, I will be guiding you to tap into your innate body wisdom, move at your own pace, dismantle comparison and provide you with multiple options and alternatives so you always get to decide what feels best for you in a given moment.

My intentions for those who take this course:

  • Practice improvisational movement as a way to build safety in expressing your most gender expansive self
  • Deepen understanding + mindfulness around what makes you feel affirmed in your body and gender identity
  • Get intimate with your own bodymindspirit so you can cultivate self-compassion and meet yourself exactly where you are
  • Be witnessed and celebrated by others in your process
  • Learn three or more creative embodiment practices that you can keep exploring and returning to


"I'm blown away with the space Che Che creates for folx to move so freely; the way they create a container so safe for authentic sensual expression and the release of guilt, shame, and insecurities. As someone who has struggled with chronic anxiety, depression and a life-time of guilt, shame, and self-doubt, I can honestly attest to how freeing it feels to be able to express such genuine movements -- movements that are typically frowned upon and hold such a negative stigma by society. To be guided by Che Che in dismantling internalized systems of oppression and remembering the sensual parts of myself has been so important in my journey back home, and I am eternally grateful for this offering.

If you have a single desire within your soul to experience the expansion of your sensual self, I highly advise you take Che Che's workshop."

- Ashley Wright


Get ready to use dance, music and imagination as tools that let you see yourself on a path not yet written.

Get ready to reconceptualize your internal world through movement and community, breaking down the barriers that prevent you from seeing new possibilities and feeling new euphoric sensations.

I can't wait to watch you unfold.


photos by Jules Davies & Mason Rose

song credit: Revolución by Frankie Simone

video credits: Frankie Simone, Che Che Luna, Cristian Rojas, Cottonbro, Rodnae Productions, Ron Lach, Armin Rimoldi, C Technical, Darina Belonogova, Kampus Production, Polina Tankilevitch

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